Vital Questions to Ask Your Family Lawyer

Handling family-related cases on your own can be difficult. Other than being emotionally unstable, you could be stressed and confused, so making life-changing decisions at this time will be hard. A family lawyer can guide and represent you through any family law matter, be it a divorce, paternity problem, child custody issue and more. But, how can you confirm that they can handle the task once you meet?

Knowing the questions to ask a family lawyer will reduce your stress and offer the confidence you require to make sound decisions. Here are vital questions you can ask during the first meeting.

What's Their Familiarity With Cases Like Yours?

Not all family cases are alike, so be sure to confirm that the family lawyer can handle the task before you hire them. One reliable way to verify this is to ask your lawyer if they have worked on similar cases in the past. 

Make sure you are direct and honest to see if the lawyer is a good fit. Getting a family lawyer who has handled cases like yours will give you an added advantage since they know the best strategies to use.

Can the Case Be Resolved Outside Court?

Many family law cases have to be presented before a judge. It's the responsibility of the judges to dissolve marriages, formalize adoptions, rule on child support agreements and changes to custody and create restraining orders for domestic violence cases. 

But this doesn't mean you must appear before the judge for all family law-related issues. For instance, you can negotiate the terms of a divorce settlement outside of court, and the judge will sign the agreement documents later on when dissolving the marriage. 

Resolving matters outside court is beneficial since your lawyer will assist you with finding solutions that will work best for you. So, make sure you ask if the case can be resolved outside of court to weigh your options.

Who Else Will Work on the Case?

Depending on the complexities of your case, the family lawyer might need to seek assistance to get you the best results. Sometimes they bring on extra paralegals and associates, as well as personal investigators. 

You want to make sure everyone who works on your case is experienced and that the lawyer has assigned similar duties to them in the past. Also, you should verify if having extra help will increase the service expenses to prepare in advance.

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