Career Description of Family Law Solicitors

A family law solicitor specialises in family matters such as divorce, spousal support, alimony, child adoption and child custody. If you would like to be a family law solicitor, below is a career description of their work.

Working hours

The typical working hours of a family law solicitor are between 9 am and 5 pm. However, various circumstances may force the lawyer to work extra time. For example, the lawyer might have to work extra hours when he or she has to prepare for court hearings. Some clients prefer to meet up with their lawyers after work to discuss the progress of their cases. Modern-day technology, such as the mobile phone and email, has had a significant impact on the work of family law solicitors. More often than not, they are likely to receive work-related calls and emails even after work. However, with a well-planned schedule, most family law solicitors can balance work and personal commitments.


The family law solicitor interacts with various people during a typical working day. The lawyer will interact with office staff who help him or her prepare for different cases. He or she will also communicate with lawyers representing the opposing side. This may be through letters or meetings to discuss issues pertinent to the case. He or she will interact with judges and other court staff during court hearings. The lawyer regularly meets with clients and prospective clients.


Below are essential skills of family law solicitors.

  • Communication skills to express themselves eloquently to clients, other lawyers and the court.
  • Critical-thinking skills are needed when analysing information and deciding how it impacts the case.
  • Problem-solving skills to formulate solutions that ensure positive outcomes for clients.
  • Research skills to investigate the truth in claims made by clients or the other party.

Job satisfaction

As a family law solicitor you will find job satisfaction in;

  • Making a difference. Sometimes you may be engaged in pro bono work to help a child find a home or a divorced spouse get financial support. You make a difference in their lives and in the society.
  • Changing lives. Family law solicitors help spouses come out of difficult marriages characterised by domestic violence, neglect and abuse.
  • Remuneration. The job is generally well-paying, and as you gain experience and become a senior in the industry, you will earn a high amount of salary.

Family law solicitors may have a difficult job, but it is satisfying in all aspects. The nature of their work might be delicate but very interesting.

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