Worker's Compensation: How to Reduce Accidents at the Workplace

Is the number of worker's compensation claims in your company increasing by the day? If so, it may be time to review the safety policies in your organisation. Even if you have taken worker's compensation insurance for your workers, a high number of claims can increase your premium rate over time. That is why, as an employer, it is essential to improve workplace safety not just for your premiums but also to promote the overall health and productivity of your workers. Take the following measures to prevent workplace accidents before they happen, and you will realise fewer compensation claims.

Train workers on safety

Proper training is the key to promoting workplace safety, especially when workers operate in dangerous environments. For examples, employees who work near or with electrical lines, power tools, drilling equipment, and heavy machinery are exposed to great risks that can lead to personal injury. To avoid this, ensure that workers are adequately trained before operating in hazardous environments. For example, if your employees work near power lines, educate them on how to use the right personal protective equipment and safety tools to prevent electrocution. Similarly, workers who operate on construction sites should receive training on how to avoid fall accidents when working at height.

Train workers on equipment use

Most accidents at the workplace can be attributed to lack of proper technical skills on how to operate some sophisticated equipment. Today, technology has led to the introduction of appliances and machinery with advanced features that never existed before. It would be wise to ensure that workers receive adequate training before operating such machinery. Additionally, let them be aware of inspection procedures to perform before operating equipment. For example, when using scaffolds, they should inspect the structure for damage before using it to access a site. Proper inspection of heavy machinery is also crucial in preventing tragic accidents on sites.

Keep the workplace clean

Finally, fall accidents are among the most common claims made at the workplace. They can be avoided by ensuring that you maintain a clean working environment. Clean spills on the floor immediately they happen to prevent slip accidents. Ensure that items are not left lying around carelessly as they can trip and fall a worker or client. Sensitize workers on the importance of maintaining a clean workplace and how it will impact their overall wellness to ensure teamwork in preventing slip and fall accidents in your business.

While compensation claims are inevitable, you can take these measures to prevent accidents and maintain a safe workplace. Ensure that you have adequate insurance to protect your business against losses. To ensure your practices are safe and legal, contact local compensation lawyers.

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