4 Things You Need to Do When You First Meet With a Solicitor

If you have a legal problem, you should get in touch with a solicitor so they can give you some legal advice. A solicitor will typically provide an initial consultation free of charge so they can gain an understanding of your case and so both you and the lawyer can decide if you want to work together. When working with a solicitor, there are several steps you can take which will help to ensure that you get the outcome you are hoping for. Below is a guide to some of the things you should do when dealing with a solicitor.

Tell the truth and be as clear as you can be

Legal problems will often involve personal or sensitive matters. No matter how embarrassed you are, you should always be honest with your solicitor. If you are not honest or clear with your solicitor, they will not be able to adequately represent you in court or as part of a legal negotiation. A solicitor is required to keep confidential information safe and will not disclose anything you tell them without first getting your permission.

Bring along all relevant documents

During your initial consultation, you should ensure that you bring along all of the documents which are relevant to your case. If you do not have various contracts or other important information to hand, it may be difficult for the solicitor to assess your case. If you need to send documents to your solicitor at a later date, you should do so using a secure method such as an encrypted email or a personal courier.

Make note during your meeting

When you meet with your solicitor, you may be bombarded with a lot of new information, or you may discuss several different points. In order to keep track of what has been said and what actions have been agreed, you should always make notes while you are talking with your solicitor. This is particularly important during the first meeting when you may be overwhelmed by the situation you find yourself in. Taking notes will give you something to refer back to when you are considering your next move.

Agree on a price

Finally, if you do decide to work with a solicitor, you should establish the price they will be charging from the outset. This is likely to take the form of a flat fee, with additional payments added at a later date for any additional services you have commissioned. You should also check how often the solicitor will be invoicing you.

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